Family. Friends. Community. This is what we are about. Newberry Market is here to fulfill the unmet demand in Oakland's burgeoning Uptown District for a full service specialty market that empowers the community by providing access to delicious, healthy, and local foods in a convenient setting. We believe that some of our fondest memories as humans have been created around the experience of food. We look to work hand-in-hand with local purveyors to carry only the best seasonal produce and products. By connecting with our customers through the foods we provide and create in a beautiful communal space, we look to be the hub that provides a place to gather and create memories for years to come.


  • Feeding & nourishing our customers through conveniently packaged food
  • Creating a community-infused space where our customers gather
  • Offering high quality, locally-sourced products
  • Nurturing on-going relationships with our local vendors and suppliers
  • Serving & supporting our city and its communities
 Rendering by: Steelblue

Rendering by: Steelblue