Newberry Market is an absolute dream project for us. We have always wanted to create a business that feeds our community, and this is an incredible opportunity to do just that,” said Thai. “It is important to us that we support our local economy and keep money in the city where we live. Why not fill a void and create a locally focused, community-infused market in the heart of our city?
— Ann Thai, Newberry Market

We are excited to bring you Newberry Market & can't wait to share with you all the great news as our store comes to life!  

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Want to know more about Newberry Market? Check out some of the awesome press we've received, as well as some features on the Uptown Station project.

Thank you to all the journalists and bloggers for the wonderful support of our project. I think we're just excited as all of you to see just how it all comes to fruition.



Family. Friends. Community. This is what we are about. Newberry Market is here to fulfill the unmet demand in Oakland's burgeoning Uptown District for a full service specialty market that empowers the community by providing access to delicious, healthy, and local foods in a convenient setting. We believe that some of our fondest memories as humans have been created around the experience of food. We look to work hand-in-hand with local purveyors to carry only the best seasonal produce and products. By connecting with our customers through the foods we provide and create in a beautiful communal space, we look to be the hub that provides a place to gather and create memories for years to come.


  • Feeding & nourishing our customers through conveniently packaged food
  • Creating a community-infused space where our customers gather
  • Offering high quality, locally-sourced products
  • Nurturing on-going relationships with our local vendors and suppliers
  • Serving & supporting our city and its communities
 Rendering by: Steelblue

Rendering by: Steelblue

We love our vendors, both homegrown right here in Oakland, as well as national brands.

If you're interested in having your products on the shelves at Newberry Market, just give us a holler. We'd love to talk to you!

Our buyers will be reaching out to vendors starting early next year to bring by samples and hear all about you and your awesome products! 

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Since the news has gotten out, we're absolutely flattered and grateful for everyone who has inquired about a job with us. Starting in Summer 2016, we expect to create 150-200 new jobs in Oakland! How great is that?!

Are you, or somebody you know, the perfect fit for a job at Newberry Market? Please fill in the form below & tell us a little bit about yourself. We're so excited to add members to the Newberry Market family & would love to hear from you. Can't wait to see y'all in 2016!

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